Despite the cold weather in recent weeks, it has not dampened driver’s enthusiasm to participate in the event.

This time, VP-PRO team drivers participated in the first racing on DCRC, the largest indoor electric track in Taiwan.

In 4WD group of preliminary round, VP-PRO driver Prince Wang won two first place who was identified as TQ and another VP-PRO driver,  Howard won the third place . It is also worth mentioning that VP-PRO driver Patrick Zamora and Dylan Zamora ,entered to A-main together in this racing.

In 2WD group of preliminary round ,Prince Wang and Howard reach to A-main finally.


In Final round 4WD group, VP-PRO driver Prince Wang took A2 while Howard took A3 .



All the drivers used VP-PRO 1/10 Carpet/Grass tires and made a great performance