For Labor Day weekend I attended the Force Series at Mills Pond RC Speedway. It was a tight layout with lots of kicker double jumps. The surface was very abrasive with lots of dust on top.

In Pro Nitro Buggy qualifying my buggy felt really good with VP-Pro SSLW Cactus tires. Unfortunately I made a lot of errors and only qualified 8th for the A-main. I switched to SLW Cactus for the 25 minute main. I crashed on the first lap and dropped to 12th. My buggy was Dialed though and I worked my way up to 4th place quickly. I stayed there until the last few minutes where I made several mistakes and dropped back to take 5th place.

In the 40+ Nitro Class I took TQ in round 1 with the new VP-Pro Gripz tires. For round 2 I switched to Cactus tires due to the excessive dust and finished 2nd overall. For the A-main, rain clouds were rolling in so they shortened the race to 15 minutes. At the start I went wide in turn one to avoid getting rear ended and dropped to 3rd. The next turn 1st and 2nd tangled so I took the lead and checked out. I lead wire to wire to take another win. My Soar Buggy was on rails with the VP-Pro Cactus tires. My Atom SV-1R engine was easily pitting at 8:30 with tons of power available thanks to my Nitropro fuel.

Thank you to all of my sponsors that support my racing. And special thanks to the best engine tuner and pitman Ryan LeCuyer for all his help he always provides me at every race for the last year.