This weekend was the annual Thanksgiving Trophy race at Eds RC Parkersburg. I headed up Friday for some much needed practice on this tight indoor track. I made several changes and got both cars feeling pretty good but I still lacked a little pace. I continued to work on them in the practice Saturday and was much closer when qualifying started.

This track requires slick tires so I ran VP PRO Flow Evo in soft compound on my 4x4 SCT and SS tires ground down to slicks on ebuggy.

Qualifying went ok with some good runs in ebuggy but I never showed much pace in sct and would qualify 3rd in both classes.

I made some more changes going into the mains which seemed to pay off. It was a tight battle between myself, Zack Saunders and Wade Piggott in 4x4 SCT. I had some bobbles in the beginning and would find myself half a lap behind Zack. I tried to run him down decreased the deficit to 4 seconds but ran out of time so I would settle for 2nd. Still need to work on the sct to get some more steering though.

Ebuggy was a tight battle all day between myself and Jeff Switzer. He got away early as I was taking it easy trying not to make mistakes. I made up a lot of time on him but I had a horrific last lap with two wrecks taking me out of contention. Still pleased with the performance of the car and the 3rd place.

Overall not a bad day of racing. Happy to end up with a couple of podiums considering how my indoor season has gone so far lol. I still have more work to do to figure out these tight tracks but I have made a lot of progress.