My Soar buggy was Dialed with clay compound VP-Pro tires all weekend. I switched between Gripz, Impulse, Blades, and Frontiers depending on the current track conditions.

In 40+ Nitro Buggy I TQ'd Round 2 and started 2nd in the main event. The layout was fast and flowing but very simple so everyone's lap times were very close and one mistake would loose you 5-6 positions. I lead the first few minutes after a quick pass to get into the lead. But then I clipped a pipe, got tagged in the rear end, and got stuck on a pipe. After the trunmarshall got to me and I finally got going again I had lost 9 seconds and had no chance to catch Carl Lebo who took over the lead and checked out. I worked my way back up from 4th to 3rd but then got taken out by a lapper. I worked back to 3rd and then battled Luis Perez for 2nd. I finally got by cleanly with 8 minutes to go but by then I was 20 seconds behind the leader and had to settle for 2nd. But my Buggy was Dialed with VP-Pro Clay Compound Blade tires, my NitroPro fuel and Atom SV-1R was getting 9+ minutes per tank and only running at 190'f.

In the Pro Nitro Buggy A-Main I put VP-Pro Frontier tires on and started 5th. I got up to 2nd behind Joe Bornhorst . He was going a blistering pace and I kept making mistakes trying to keep up. I dropped back to 4th and then traction rolled far from a turnmarshall. The marshall ran across the track to get me but right before he reached me another buggy flipped back at his bucket spot so he turned around and ran back to get the other car, then ran back across the track to get me. I lost 12 seconds that lap and my race was done. The next lap I went a lap down and just tired to stay out of the way of the lead cars. I made another mistake and flamed out wafting for a turnmarshall, so I called it a day. My buggy felt amazing but I just drove too hard and made too many mistakes trying to keep up with the super fast kids in Pro Buggy today.

Overall it was another fun and successful weekend of racing!