Today my dad and I made the trip to North Carolina at Red Brush RC. Travis Holt has an awesome track with tons of elevation. It’s really fun to drive on. Definitely one of my favorite tracks ever.

I started on VP PRO SS Turbo Trax which were really good in practice and qualifying but the grip came up so I switched to Soft for the mains and it was the right choice.

I made a few small tweaks to my cars throughout the day but overall they were really good. I would get the TQ in both classes.

My nitro car was really fast in the main but I had a couple bobbles that moved me to second. I made a charge at the end but ran out of time and had to settle for second. The cars was definitely the fastest on the track. Unfortunately the driver let it down lol.

Ebuggy I kept having issues with the car losing signal and running away. It wasn’t bad in qualifying so I was still able to drive it. I decided to change the channel on my radio and try a different receiver which made it way worse in the main. It would hang wide open and I’d run off the track. I tried to limp it around and would still finish in 2nd. Definitely need to figure this out cause I’ve had this issue for a while now.

Overall pretty happy with the way the cars drove. Wish I’d had better luck in the mains but that’s racing.