What a weekend at the legendary Tiltyard! My (Alleged) dad and I came down Friday for some practice. The track was really good and faster than ever thanks to a new, but tricky, double that Homer added.

I worked on my shock package to tame the car over the bumps and as always the 8x1.2 F and 8x1.3R VRP XV3 pistons were dialed. I ran several different tread patterns and compounds of VP PRO tires throughout the weekend. In the end I settled on SSLW Blades front and Impulse rear. Blades help settle the front end down while the impulse provides good forward drive.

Since we were making good time yesterday it was decided to do 4, 6 minute rounds of qualifying. It worked out in my favor as I never got a good run until the 4th round with both cars. That put me starting 2nd in both classes.

Up first today was the 30 minute nitro A main. I had went through the car and fully rebuilt it so I knew it was good to go. But in the warmup laps I had a throttle servo go bad. Luckily Homer gave me the time to swap the radio tray out of my other car and then I was good to go. I ran a good race but I never had the pace to challenge Austin Woodyard for the lead. I had some fun battles with Travis Jones though and I would come out in second in the end.

For the ebuggy main I just focused on hitting my lines and driving smooth through the bumps. I got a good start and held the lead for several laps until Austin caught up and got around. I stayed close and kept the pressure on but he ended up having a battery dump so I would go on to take the win.

Overall pretty happy with how my equipment performed and how I drove. Both cars have been flawless lately. In the last 5 races with ebuggy I have 5 wins. The S35-4E is really good.