Last weekend we raced the 3rd round of the Swiss Championship at Bermont in France. There was a lot of French guys.The track was awesome. On the Saturday morning the track was little bit damp so I started with VP-PRO Gripz Evo in M3 for the 2 first practice rounds . After the practices, I was second. The track became groovy so I decided to start the qualifications with the Turbo Trax M3. The tires were not the best choice I think. I ended 3rd overall.

For the second round I decided to keep the same tires and work on the car. Thanks to the

changements I TQed the round!

For the third round I decided to try the Blade Evo in M3 compound. It was better than the Turbo

Tax on this smooth and blue groove surface. There seemed to have more traction but the lap

times were quite similar. I ended 4th overall on this round.

For the 4th round I switch from the Blade Evo M3 to the Cactus Evo in M1. That was the best

move I did during the day. Thanks to the tires, the car was precise, easy and had a lot of traction. I TQed the 4th and the 5th round with these tires.

At the end of the day I got the overall TQ !


On the Semi practices, I tried the cactus M1 and the Gripz M1.

For the Semi, I choose to start the with the Cactus in M1 compound.

The choice was good and I won my semi final.

For the main final, I choose to keep running with the Cactus in M1. I started 2nd on the grid. The level was high and after the 45 minutes I finished 3rd just behind the 2nd !

I know I could have ended better but overall it was a good weekend. I gained a lot of experience

during the weekend and learned a lot about the tires.

I am really happy with them !

I’ll continue to try them on different tracks !

I also tried the new VP Pro fuel stick ! That’s really fast in the pits, I love it !