As you know a strange ending to our season out of our control. We appreciate all Ontario tracks for their great effort to put some normalcy back into ourlives. Thank you Otterville Raceway, Dorc Raceway, Sparc Raceway, Barnyard for our outdoor season. We are in for a battle as you know dealing with Covid. This weekend was Otterville Raceway final race Redemption. Thank you to the great racers and competition. Thank you to John and Karla for this great race event. Thank you to Brandon Marshall for another great job on the mic. Even though the Redemption race got cancelled I believe we got some redemption Douglas TQ'd both 1/8 Ebuggy and 1/8 Nitro buggy and won both. We use VP-PRO V-813 Gripz Evo Tires. He was the only driver in a 13 lap pace.

Also a special thanks to Sean Wang for everything he does for the team over and above. Thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to Blythe Design for our new shirts and Hoddies.