What a great day it was!!! The weather was good but extremely hot with high temperatures throughout the day, testing the racers' endurance as well as the quality of the products used. Everyone was already drenched in sweat before the race even started.

3 Rounds of Qualifying were forgettable, lining me up in B Main, 2nd. That would mean having to run for 50min and hope to qualify to bump up for A Main.  

Thankfully, I managed to finish 1st and bumped up. There was a 10mins break, giving me time to just change into a new receiver battery.

I finished the 60mins A Main in 3rd.

VP-805 tires from VP-PRO were my tires of choice.

VP-PRO New Quick Fuel Stick RS-923 allowed my pit team to give me a quick refuel throughout the competition.