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Electric Metric tool set
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Name:Electric Metric tool set

RS-61111E Electric Metric Allen Wrench 1.5 X 100MM 
RS-61122E Electric Metric Allen Wrench 2.0 X 100MM 
RS-61133E Electric  Metric Allen Wrench 2.5 X 100MM 
RS-61144E Electric  Metric Allen Wrench 3.0 X 100MM 
RS-62111E Electric  Metric Ball Driver Hex Wrench 2.0 X 120MM 
RS-62122E Electric  Metric Ball Driver Hex Wrench 2.5 X 120MM 
RS-62133E Electric  Metric Ball Driver Hex Wrench 3.0 X 120MM  
RS-64111E Electric  Philliips Screwdriver 3.5 X 100MM 
RS-64133E Electric  Philliips Screwdriver 4.0 X 100MM 
RS-65111E Electric  Metric Nut Driver 5.0  X 100MM
RS-65122E Electric  Metric Nut Driver 5.5 X 100MM
RS-65133E Electric  Metric Nut Driver 7.0 X 100MM
RS-612UH Electric multi-function Wrench 
EKB-203 outer box




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