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FAQ: Pre-Order
VPPRO / 2015-07-10

What is a Pre-Order

A “Pre-Order” is a newly announced product that has not been made commercially available yet. When a customer places a “Pre-Order,” he is reserving the item for when it becomes in stock and shippable at a later date; when available, an ETA (estimated time of arrival) date will display near the Pre Order icon on the product page.

Pre-Order Priority

Pre-Orders are saved in a "first come, first served" fashion within the VIP status hierarchy of the VIP Rewards Program. The priority attached to the VIP status determines where the VIP members’ reservation will be placed on the Pre-Order list; VIP Platinum members will receive the highest level of priority, followed by Gold, Silver, Basic, and non-members who may still reserve a pre-order item, but may not immediately be able to purchase it if demand for the item exceeds our initial supply. always attempts to secure enough product to fulfill 100% of customer's pre-orders regardless of membership status. 

If you are first to Pre Order an item, you are first to be notified when the item is in stock and shippable. Pre Orders remain reserved for 7 days after they become in stock and shippable, or until the customer or VIP member cancels the Pre Order.

Who Can Place-Pre Orders

All customers are eligible to place Pre-Orders.

Do Pre-Orders Require a Deposit?

At this time, does not charge you when a pre-order is placed.  You will pay for the pre-order item and shipping when it becomes available. 

How to Place a Pre-Order

Any item showing the Pre-Order button next to it means that item is on order but has not been released yet. You may order any Pre-Order items by placing those items in your shopping cart and going through the checkout process. We do not require payment for Pre-Order items until the items arrive and are ready to ship.

As soon as your Pre-Order items arrive in our store for purchase, you will receive an email that morning letting you know your Pre-Orders are in stock and ready for shipping. To purchase your shippable Pre-Order items, simply log into your account and start the checkout process. Our web site will automatically ask if you wish to include your shippable Pre-Orders in your order, and then you simply continue the checkout process the same as normal. If you do not wish to include them with that order, you may decide to skip including them, or just skip a couple of items for that order, and they will remain reserved for your next order.

Important: You only have 7 days after your Pre-Order arrives and is shippable to purchase it before it will be returned to our general inventory stock. For high demand Pre-Order items you may want to pick them up as soon as they arrive in stock.

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